Fly for fun – Individuals

Fly for fun – Individuals

Fly for fun is specially designed for 1 person in the simulator.

Here you get a brief overview of how we fly the aircraft with checklists, communication, and decision-making.

”What decision do we need to take if we have an emergency on board or if the sky above our destination is full of thunderstorms?”

Everyone in the cockpit will be able to perform both take-offs and landings of the aircraft. If you want to challenge your skills, we can also offer bad weather, difficult passengers, or a so-called “birdstrike” at the same time we are taking off from our departure runway. We have over 24,000 airports to choose from with HD graphics, so real as it gets!

The normal experience is to fly from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to the island of Gotland, Visby Airport. We use realistic weather for that day.


  • 15 min Brief
  • 35 min Flying
  • 5 min Debrief

Upon payment, there will automatically be an email with a booking code and instructions on how to book.

For questions before payment, please contact us directly at or 0708460611.


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