Traffic figures for January show that almost 640,000 passengers flew with Norwegian during the month.

Which is a decrease from December with almost 300,000 passengers. Traditionally January is a quieter period for passenger demand, however, figures were also affected by the rapid spread of the omicron virus and associated government-imposed measures and restrictions.

“We know that there is pent up demand to travel, the latest international announcements regarding the reopening of society and removal of restrictions have had a positive effect on how customers plan and book their travel for the spring and summer. Norwegian is ready to adapt capacity to this increased future demand and we look forward to welcoming our loyal customers on board, ”said Geir Karlsen, CEO of Norwegian.

Load factor in January: 69,7 %, a decline of 1,6 % compared to December.
Available Seat Kilometer (Capacity): 1,298 million seat kilometers, compared to 1,536 million seat kilometers in December.

Norwegian reduced its available fleet by operating only 45 aircraft on average, compared with 48 in December. So just comparing December to January gives a misconception. Norwegian, like other airlines, faces a major challenge in winning back customers. An advantage to Norwegian is already a well-established brand that customers have previously liked.

(Photo: Norwegian)


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