There has been a lot of speculation about SAS Link and the upcoming Embraer E195 that will enter the fleet in the coming year.
Today we received the answer that it is from Bergen in Norway that they will first start operation from, with opportunities to develop new destinations and routes in the future.

SAS is implementing major changes throughout the organization to adapt to the market following the pandemic. The company is reorganizing its operations to be competitive in a market that looks very different from before the pandemic – with fewer business travelers, a higher proportion of leisure travelers, and increased competition. Among other things, it requires smaller aircraft with lower costs and emissions than those used by SAS on some of the domestic routes today. The company has therefore established SAS Link, which will open a base in Bergen with smaller Embraer E195 jets. The number of aircraft stationed in Bergen depends on future demand.

– Aviation all over the world has been among the hardest hit industries since the beginning of the crisis. SAS is no exception. We are therefore very happy to be able to offer a job in an industry that is still suffering from many redundancies and that has a long way to go before we can improve. The opening of the base for SAS Link in Bergen is part of our strategy to create a competitive and strong SAS that can take care of Scandinavian infrastructure and existing as well as new jobs, says Kjetil Håbjørg at SAS.

– We see Bergen as a strong region with great potential. If the establishment is successful and demand increases, we will consider more routes domestically and abroad. This will connect the whole of Norway more closely to the rest of the world and contribute to economic growth, Håbjørg continues.

SAS will continuously assess the market outlook and is open to a possible expansion with more bases in Norway.


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