After lunchtime today, a press release came out from the regional airline Air Leap that they are looking for a company reconstruction.

This means that the airline will stop its production immediately from today, January 24th, and passengers who are affected must stay updated on the website.

On Air Leap’s website, we can read from the press release that the reason why the board decides on a company reconstruction is that it is not financially defensible to continue the business in its current form with the conditions that exist today. Furthermore, they write that they have maintained air operations for the past two years during covid-19, with almost non-existent state support. Air Leap has contributed to the maintenance of important infrastructure during the pandemic, which they believe should have meant significantly more financial support when you consider the extensive restrictions that our industry has been affected by.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Air Leap was the only player in the Swedish domestic market. This is because the larger competitor BRA was under a company reconstruction during that time. In about the same period as when Air Leap began to invest more in the “Stockholm City market” with flights from Bromma Airport, the airline BRA re-emerged. It did not take long before Bromma Airport had two players with a similar market, something had to happen.

So in the autumn of 2021, Air Leap moved back to Stockholm Arlanda Airport with the hope of being able to cooperate with other airlines and thereby create a market from which they can operate.
Something that we got confirmed today has not taken off, unfortunately.

Our condolences to all employees at Air Leap.


(Photo: Air Leap and Willam Skoglund)


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