Today, the USA 5G network is being implemented and the consequences are enormous for air traffic.

As aviators.se wrote on Monday 17 January, the implementation of the 5G network in the USA is now relevant. This is after the US Federal Aviation Authority has finally approved the implementation of the network and its masts around airports.

Now come the consequences and airlines like Emirates are stopping almost all traffic to and from the United States, except for New York, Washington, and Los Angeles.
Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, and Air India are also reducing their traffic due to the uncertainty caused by the US implementation of the 5G network.

Even the 10 largest airlines in the United States have jointly communicated that this can be devastating for American aviation with extensive delays and canceled flights.

Why the 5G network is a concern for aviation, is that the system used in a so-called low visibility landing is called a radio altimeter and measures the distance between the aircraft and the ground below. This system uses a frequency band that is close to the 5G network’s frequency band. Which can lead to disruption and consequent misleading data to the pilots.

The FAA approved two radio altimeter models that are installed in a wide variety of Boeing and Airbus planes. This combination of aircraft and altimeter approval opens up runways at as many as 48 of the 88 airports most directly affected by 5G C-band interference.
This leads to reduced flexibility for the airlines with limited use of their fleet and that there are still airports that are not approved.

But the American wireless industry group CTIA says that 5G is safe and accuses the aviation industry of fear and distortion of facts.

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