Air Leap and the airline BRA has flown on the Swedish domestic market from Stockholm Bromma Airport and the competition has been fierce between them. Questions have arisen as to whether there is room for both airlines in this market.

During the pandemic, Air Leap operated almost entirely on the Swedish domestic market alone, with departures both from Stockholm Arlanda Airport and from Stockholm Bromma Airport. However, it became a clearer mark when at the beginning of the year 2021, Air Leap operated almost exclusively from Stockholm Bromma Airport when BRA was still under reconstruction. However, the airline BRA resurfaced in May and has not had a single day of rest since then, but has worked hard to get its loyal passengers back. Something that they have done very successfully according to the latest traffic figures and yield. 

The question has then arisen, is there really room for two regional airlines at Stockholm Bromma Airport? The answer came this autumn, that no it does not.

It started with reports that Air Leap is dismantling some of its local brands such as Air Skåne and Air Halland. Subsequently, the airline BRA launched a new route between Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Visby Airport, which would put even more pressure on the two competitors. Now Air Leap leaves Stockholm Bromma Airport this Saturday to fly from Stockholm Arlanda Airport instead, as its main hub. At the same time BRA stop the future plans for a flight between Visby and Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Instead, they will further expand on Stockholm Bromma Airport with more departures towards Visby. 

For those who wonder about the future of Air Leap, they are working hard to implement an approval called IOSA certification. This simplifies and makes Air Leap a more attractive partner for other airlines that want to rent capacity or cooperation on a route network. It is precisely this certification that has led to the news of a collaboration between Air Leap and SAS.

So with Air Leap at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and the airline BRA at Stockholm Bromma Airport, the two airlines will be flying in the same city but from different airports. So maybe there is a future for two regional airlines in Sweden.

(Photo: Erik Glimvik)

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