Eight airports were exposed on Sunday by attacks from climate activists who, among other things, glued themselves to planes and runways. It went so far that Bromma airport closed for a period on Sunday and the police have arrested 15 people after the events.

During Sunday afternoon and evening, eight airports in Sweden were exposed to attacks from climate activists belonging to Extinction Rebellion Sweden, who had also previously carried out similar attacks on airports in the country. Around lunchtime on Sunday, police were alerted to Malmö and Bromma airports after unauthorized people entered the airports. After that, the police will also be alerted to Arlanda, Växjö, Halmstad, Gothenburg Landvetter and Ängelholm Helsingborg airports during the afternoon and evening after unauthorized people entered the airport area.

The attacks that were carried out meant, among other things, that activists refused to board aircraft when boarding, a number of activists glued themselves to aircraft and they also tried to glue themselves to or near the airports’ runways. Stockholm Bromma Airport and Växjö Småland Airport closed for a while on Sunday afternoon due to the attacks.

The airline BRA, which has its hub at Bromma Airport, suffered major consequential delays throughout Sunday due to the attacks. According to SVT, the police have now initiated several preliminary investigations into airport sabotage or aviation sabotage and at least 15 people have been arrested.

(Photo: Peter Phillips)

Credit: Simon Ericson & Flyg24Nyheter
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