Today launches the start of the Irish low-cost carrier Ryanairs operation from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Two Boeing 737-800 aircraft operated under subsidiary company Malta Air will fly passengers to and from Sweden’s biggest airport.

06:15AM is when the first departure is leaving from Stockholm Arlanda towards Malmö Sturup Airport. It is not a coincidence that Ryanairs first flight from Stockholm Arlanda is a domestic one. Because when Ryanair now changes airport from Stockholm Skavsta to Stockholm Arlanda, they enter as an additional new market segment. Ryanair is on a price war with tickets starting from 79 SEK oneway. Those who are familiar with the industry and the cost around it knows that only the taxes would be around 250 SEK oneway, meaning Ryanair is eager to let travelers know they exist and take further market share. 

The timetable for Ryanair is a typical schedule with aircraft parked at the gate during the night at the base and providing two shifts with early departures and evening departures for its crews. We also see the infamous turnarounds at 25 minutes. Rumors to aviators.se stated previously that Ryanair was asking for only bus gates at Arlanda, something that the owner of Stockholm Arlanda, swedavia could not guarantee at all times. This could lead to problems with the boarding techniques for Ryanairs 25-minutes turnaround, leading their infamous punctuality to become affected. However, if compared to other airlines on the route between Stockholm Arlanda to Malmö Sturup we can see that Ryanair has an additional 10 minutes for its timetable, meaning there is some margin to still be on time when turning off the seatbelt sign at the destination.

Ryanair will operate flights from Stockholm Arlanda to 24 destinations across Europe. With more aircraft joining the Irish low-cost carrier, new routes will most likely pop up, and for sure Stockholm Arlanda is not an exemption. 

(Photo: Anders Nilsson)

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