As the demand for travel now increases, SAS continues to open up for new destinations and more flights. During the winter semester of 2021/2022, SAS will fly just over 150 routes to 90 destinations.

SAS has presented its traffic program for the winter of 2021/2022, which includes just over 150 airlines to 90 destinations. The company is increasing the number of flights between the Scandinavian capitals and to other important destinations in the network to further improve accessibility as travel now increases. This means, among other things, more departures to the UK from the three Scandinavian capitals, to London, where SAS flies three daily round trips from each capital, and to Manchester.

To meet the growing demand for business and leisure travel, SAS is also increasing the number of flights to other European cities such as Brussels, Dublin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Helsinki, Munich, Oslo and Paris. SAS’s winter program offers ski travelers attractive timetables to a total of nine winter destinations, Sälen / Trysil and Östersund in Sweden, Salzburg and Innsbruck in Austria, Milan and Venice in Italy, Munich in Germany, and Geneva and Zurich in Switzerland.

In SAS’s winter program, SAS presents new routes from Sweden. The new routes that are now opening are Stockholm-Kyiv, Stockholm-Tenerife and Gothenburg-Gran Canaria. At the same time, the line from Stockholm to Madeira will restart.

In the winter, SAS will also restart a number of routes from Denmark and Copenhagen to Eastern and Central Europe to cities such as Stuttgart, Tallinn, Poznan and Wroclaw. In Norway, SAS states that the demand for travel within the country is increasing and is therefore increasing the number of flights to Bergen, Stavanger, Bardufoss and Haugesund, as well as in Western Norway. SAS also resumes direct flights between Trondheim and Tromsø and between Oslo and Manchester.

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Credit: Simon Ericson & Flyg24Nyheter
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