During September, just over 1.4 million passengers flew via Swedavia’s ten airports, a decrease of 61 percent compared with September 2019, before the pandemic. During September, the recovery for air travel stopped somewhat but eased restrictions in Sweden and in several other countries at the end of the month now open up for increased travel.

Of the more than 1.4 million passengers in September at Swedavia’s airports, just over 970,000 were foreign travelers and 466,000 domestic travelers, corresponding to a decrease of 62 percent in international travel and 59 percent in domestic travel compared with September 2019, before the pandemic. In total, air travel increased by 124 percent in September compared with September last year.

“We can state that there are a number of positive signs regarding the recovery of aviation, even though the pace of recovery slowed somewhat in September. The fact that restrictions are now easing and that countries are opening up to a greater extent than before creates conditions for the recovery to pick up speed again during the autumn. Of course, the EU covid certificate is also an important, contributing factor to simplified travel within Europe, ”says Jonas Abrahamsson, Swedavia’s President, and CEO.

At Stockholm Arlanda, air travel decreased by 62 percent to 886,000 passengers in September compared to September 2019. International travel decreased by 63 percent, while the loss was 59 percent for domestic travel. At Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, there was a similar percentage development as the airport had a total of just under 247,000 passengers in September, a decrease of 61 percent compared with September 2019. Bromma Stockholm Airport had just over 83,000 passengers in September, which is a decrease of 60 percent compared with September 2019.

At Swedavia’s seven regional airports, the reduction in the number of passengers was between 41 percent and 69 percent. All regional airports also had a clearly improved passenger development in September compared with previous months and the same month last year.

(Photo: Peter Phillips)

Credit: Simon Ericson & Flyg24Nyheter
Original article (SE):https://flyg24nyheter.com/2021/10/11/14-miljoner-passagerare-pa-swedavias-flygplatser-i-september/

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