After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Friday that the pandemic-related dissuasion from travel abroad to the whole world will be lifted on 1 October, the travel search increased sharply within a few hours. In the days after the announcement, bookings of holiday travel have increased by 36 percent, and bookings to destinations outside Europe have increased by 112 percent, statistics from the travel agency Ticket.

“The searches on our websites increased almost immediately after the announcement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that they were raising the travel advice, and bookings to countries outside Europe have more than doubled in recent days,” says Michael Kapil, marketing manager at the travel agency Ticket.

There are still many countries that have closed borders or requirements for quarantine for entry, so despite raising the Foreign Ministry’s advice, there are a limited number of destinations that are relevant for Swedish tourists.

“The Canary Islands are, as usual, the most popular winter destination, but after that, the top list is not the same because customers have adapted their holiday plans to the travel restrictions of the destinations. Bangkok, which is usually a winter favorite, shines with its absence, for example, because they are required to have a 14-day quarantine, while Phuket, which has an exemption from the quarantine requirement, is still popular, ”says Michael Kapil.

Dubai, Mexico, and Madeira are three destinations that have climbed the top lists because they are open to Swedish tourists. The biggest increase, however, is the number of bookings to the United States, which in the days before the Foreign Ministry’s announcement announced that they will open the borders to vaccinated tourists in November.

“When the USA opens up for Swedish tourists again in November, it will be after more than 18 months with closed borders, so we see a large pent-up demand among our customers. Bookings to Miami and New York, for example, have more than quadrupled in recent days, “says Michael Kapil.

Even the countries that welcome tourists usually have a requirement that visitors must be vaccinated or be able to show a negative covid test, so it is important to examine what applies to the current destination before booking a trip. What is booked right now are exclusively sun and swimming destinations, partly last-minute trips to the Mediterranean in October, and partly long-distance trips further in time to countries that have summer heat when it is winter in Sweden.

Top 10 booked long-haul destinations at Ticket:

Gran Canaria, Spain
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phuket, Thailand
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Madeira, Portugal
Malé, Maldives
Miami, USA
Hurghada, Egypt
New York, USA
Sal, Cape Verde

(Photo: Victoria Ström)

Credit: Simon Ericson & Flyg24Nyheter
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