SAS LINK – THE NEW ”MIDSIZE” AIRLINE AT SAS was already able to reveal SAS’s plans for the so-called “midsize” last week. Now the rumors begin to grow with more news regarding the organization.

On Tuesday, SAS issued an internal e-mail according to our sources stating that organizational changes are taking place. The changes that are taking place are that the former SAS Ireland or SAIL will be SAS Connect. The new ” midsize ” company previously written about will be named SAS Link. This means that the rumors that have flourished that the new “midsize” company is formerly SAS Ireland can now be seen that this will not be the case.

During the week, SAS also issued an advertisement that they are looking for a Team Fleet Manager for the aircraft type Embraer. This increases the credibility that it is precisely Embraer 195 – E1 that will be operated under the name SAS Link from Copenhagen Kastrup in the near future.

There are many questions about SAS’s future business concept regarding securing its market throughout Scandinavia. Right now, large establishments are taking place, especially at Stockholm Arlanda with airlines such as Ryanair, Eurowings, and Finnair. The fact that SAS chooses to focus on its hub Kastrup can be seen as an invitation to the previously mentioned players to continue to establish themselves at Stockholm Arlanda.
But whit this, we will see SAS Connect, SAS Link, SAS Scandinavia, and also the wet-lease companies that already operate for SAS carry the SAS flag. But as a passenger, it will be difficult to distinguish these companies from each other as the brand will still only be SAS.

Photo credit: Scandinavian Airlines

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