On September 27, BRA inaugurated its first airline to Denmark when it started flying Stockholm Bromma-Gothenburg-Aarhus, an airline that is operated every day of the week except Saturdays.

After more than 25 years of traffic, the Danish airline Sun Air of Scandinavia stopped flying between Gothenburg and Aarhus in 2019 and since then there has been no route between the two cities, which are the second largest cities in Sweden and Denmark respectively. Now, however, BRA has changed the lack of air connections when it inaugurated its extension of the Stockholm Bromma-Gothenburg route to Aarhus, which now flies once every weekday and Sunday.

“It feels incredibly exciting to now launch BRA in Denmark as our first international market after the pandemic. Connecting the second largest cities in Sweden and Denmark in this way provides an opportunity for both business development and increased tourism between the countries, ”says BRA´’s commercial manager Martin Erkenborn.

Aarhus Airport has an attractive location with many interesting sights around the corner. Aarhus as a city is full of experiences in culture, shopping and food and is characterized by unique and intimate environments. In addition to an attractive range of culture and entertainment, Aarhus is also a large university city.

“We are very happy with the new collaboration with BRA. Gothenburg has long been on our wish list because there is a significant market for both business and leisure travelers in both directions. At the same time, the connection to Stockholm is a big plus that will contribute positively to tourism in Aarhus “, says Nicolai Krøyer, CEO of Aarhus Airport.

(Photo: BRA)
Credit: Simon Ericson & Flyg24Nyheter
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