From 31 October, SAS will increase the number of flights between Stockholm Arlanda and New York from three departures a week to one departure each day. In total, the company will fly on twelve routes from Scandinavia to the USA during the winter, three of which are from Stockholm.

On September 2, SAS resumed the Stockholm Arlanda-New York (EWR) route, which was not served during the pandemic. At present, the route is flown three times a week, but when the winter timetable begins on 31 October, the number of departures will be increased to daily traffic from Stockholm to New York.

Behind the extended timetable is an increased demand for travel to the USA, both for leisure and business travel, SAS states. In November, the United States is expected to open its borders to vaccinated citizens in the EU and the United Kingdom, which is expected to increase demand for travel between Europe and the United States.

“SAS is very pleased to be able to increase the number of flights to New York from Scandinavia. There are many who look forward to visiting family and friends in the US and the New York routes are important for business travel and shipping, ”says Karl Sandlund, Commercial Director at SAS.

In addition to the long-haul route to New York, SAS will also fly to Chicago and Miami from Stockholm during the winter. In total, there will be twelve long-haul routes for SAS to the USA from Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo in the winter timetable, where Copenhagen has seven routes and Oslo two. Among the routes from Copenhagen are the route to Boston, which will be flown three times a week and Miami. For Oslo, there will be traffic to New York and Miami.

(Foto: SAS)

Credit: Simon Ericson & Flyg24Nyheter
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