Air Leap’s investment in local brands through, among others, Air Skåne has not attracted enough passengers. Therefore, Air Skåne pauses its flights from Ängelholm Helsingborg and Malmö to Stockholm Bromma starting in October.

Air Leap has flown from Ängelholm Helsingborg and Malmö to Stockholm Bromma for just over a year and recently it has been doing so as the local brand Air Skåne. With a focus on the local area and a large presence in the region, it was hoped to attract passengers, but until now the number of passengers has not been sufficient. Therefore, Air Skåne’s flights to Bromma Airport from Skåne will be suspended in October. On 10 October, the last flight will depart from Ängelholm Helsingborg Airport and on 24 October, the last flight between Malmö and Bromma will depart for Air Skåne.

“We are pleased that the local presence has been applauded in the market, however, the number of passengers has not reached the level needed to operate the destinations for a long-term and sustainable business. We can state that travel at work has not really started and reached the level we expected. There is currently an overcapacity on seats from the two Skåne airports to and from Stockholm, which means that we have decided to pause the two routes, “says Jens Harrysson at Air Leap, who emphasizes that Air Leap is ready to restart the local alternative again when the market is ready.

Through Sveaflyg and Nyxair, Air Skåne has flown the two routes from Stockholm Bromma to Skåne with Saab 2000, while competitors SAS and BRA, which also fly on both routes to Stockholm, use larger aircraft such as the Airbus A320neo, CRJ 900 and ATR 72.

In the future, SAS and BRA will fly from both Malmö and Ängelholm Helsingborg to Stockholm, where SAS will fly to Arlanda and BRA to Bromma. At the end of October, Ryanair will also start flying from Malmö to Stockholm Arlanda. Air Leap states that it will continue to fly to Bromma Airport from Visby, Halmstad and Oslo.

(Photo: Sveaflyg)

Credit: Simon Ericson & Flyg24Nyheter
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