Ryanair is adding another domestic line from its upcoming base at Stockholm Arlanda. At the beginning of December, the Irish low-cost airline will start flying to Skellefteå from Arlanda.

From 3 December, SAS will be joined by Ryanair on the Stockholm Arlanda-Skellefteå route. The Irish low-cost airline will fly twice a week on the route that will be the company’s third domestic route in Sweden, while SAS currently flies several times daily on the route. BRA also flies between Stockholm and Skellefteå but uses Bromma Airport in Stockholm and flies exactly as Ryanair should do, twice a week on the route.

“The development that is now taking place in the Skellefteå region is unparalleled throughout Europe, and for us to be able to cope with the strong growth that is taking place, good communications to the outside world are required. The flight infrastructure is absolutely crucial for our region’s continued expansion as the distances to Stockholm or other cities are long. Ryanair’s establishment provides increased opportunities for private individuals and businesses to travel to or from Skellefteå, which is of course gratifying, ”says Robert Lindberg, CEO of Skellefteå Airport.

Ryanair will fly Stockholm-Skellefteå on Mondays and Fridays, which makes the flight route adapted to both weekly commuting business trips such as weekend tourism. On Mondays, there will be a departure time at 09.45 from Arlanda with a landing at Skellefteå Airport one hour and 20 minutes later. The return flight leaves Skellefteå at 11.30 and is back at Arlanda Airport at 12.50. On Fridays, it is planned for an earlier departure time from Stockholm, at 08.20 and departure time from Skellefteå is at 10.05.

((Photo: Ryanair)
Credit: Simon Ericson & Flyg24Nyheter
Original article (SE): https://flyg24nyheter.com/2021/09/20/ryanair-borjar-flyga-skelleftea-stockholm/

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