The government has commissioned LFV to investigate how the lower airspace, below flight level 095 (9,500 feet), corresponding to 2,900 meters, should be designed to create better conditions for more environmentally friendly flights to the country’s airports.

In May 2019, LFV presented a government assignment and stated that a review of the lower airspace is necessary to ensure that aircraft can fly environmentally efficiently into the country’s controlled airports without pilots having to request to fly in uncontrolled airspace.

In light of this, LFV has now been commissioned by the government to investigate how the airspace below flight level 095 (9,500 feet) corresponding to an altitude of 2,900 meters should be designed to create better conditions for more environmentally friendly flights to Swedish airports. In addition, consideration must be given to the need for the development of special functionalities for unmanned aerial vehicles, drones. This at the same time as accessibility is ensured for the Armed Forces and other users of the airspace at lower altitudes.

“With this new assignment, LFV has been appointed to the authority that will propose how a lower airspace could be designed. We look forward to developing modern and climate-smart conditions for everyone who uses Swedish airspace. The work will take place in close dialogue and collaboration with relevant stakeholders “, says Ann Persson Grivas, Director General of LFV.

The investigation that LFV will now carry out will result in a proposal on how the lower airspace can be organized. The proposal should be able to be a basis for the airports to implement changes in their respective airspace so that modern conditions are created for today’s and tomorrow’s flights. The most recent airspace change in Sweden was made in 1998 and LFV states that it is high time to adapt the airspace to the users who are now moving in the air.

(Foto: LFV)

Credit: Simon Ericson & Flyg24Nyheter
Original article (SE): https://flyg24nyheter.com/2021/09/15/lfv-ska-ta-fram-ny-luftrumsstruktur/

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