October 14 will be Alitalia’s last day in the air when the Italian state-owned airline is closed down. The day after, October 15, ITA instead sees the light of day as a replacement for Alitalia and becomes Italy’s new flag airline.

It has been clear for a few months now that Italy’s current flag airline Alitalia, which has been constantly suffering heavy losses, will be closed down and now an official date has come for the closure of the airline, which was founded in September 1946. On October 14, the airline makes its last flights to be replaced the next day by Italy’s new flagship airline ITA, Italia Trasporto Aereo.

ITA, which is wholly owned by the Italian state, will have a fleet of 52 aircraft likely to come from Alitalia. To date, ITA has received an aircraft from Alitalia, an Airbus A330-200.

ITA is a completely new airline with its own commercial operating license for commercial flights (AOC), which is separate from Alitalia’s license. Therefore, it is not possible for passengers who have booked travel with Alitalia after 15 October to have their travel rebooked to the new ITA. Instead, as a traveler, you can either get your money back for the flight or rebook for a trip with Alitalia that takes place before 15 October.

(Photo: Alessandro Ambrosetti)

Credit: Simon Ericson & Flyg24Nyheter
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